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There Are Many Styles Of Chandeliers

Sep 07, 2017

Now, there are many styles of chandeliers in the market, luxurious and stately, and simple and stylish. But the fashionable pendant lamp more makes the young person heart to be charmed, because in unifies the chandelier, the interior decoration not only can achieve the esthetic effect, but also very practical, Chandelier by many consumer's favor and likes.

Chandeliers are the combination of contemporary elements, and the pursuit of simple, alternative and stylish chandeliers. It is generally used in the material is a strong sense of metal, coupled with an alternative flavor of the glass. Mainly in white and metal color, especially suitable for the simple wind home decoration to decorate collocation. His manner of expression, by a lot of the pursuit of simplicity, Chandelier the pursuit of alternative consumers favor and like.

Chandeliers are widely used in households, because of its advantages to attract people. He has a variety of shapes, inexpensive, and not as difficult to clean, with all kinds of colors for you to choose from, Chandelier it is now more popular among young people.

In home decoration, chandeliers play an important role in decorating. And the living room is in addition to stay outside the bedroom the longest place, so the living room pendant lamp choice is very important, style also many, for example: crystal chandeliers, Chinese chandeliers, European chandeliers, scalp paper chandeliers and so on, have like romantic, like warm, in short, want is bright and comfortable. Chandelier Each person according to their preferences, personality, decoration style to choose their own favorite pendant lamp type.

1, in the selection of chandeliers, on the one hand to consider the height of the room and indoor environment, the thickness of the chandelier should be less than the maximum diameter of one-third, chandelier cover surface from the top of the net height and the thickness of the chandelier is more appropriate than 1. On the other hand, pay attention to the quality of lamps. One is to see the pendant above the lamp, it should carry the weight of the whole lamp, the quality of the pendant is very important. Generally speaking, Chandelier the quality of good lamps above the metal pendant is thicker. Second, to see the glass on the chandelier or imitation of the quality of crystal, to choose from the color, brightness of the material good. The third is to see the chandelier products related accessories, such as plastic parts, although this is the details, but how to choose the chandelier is very important, good plastic parts have a good insulation, anti-combustion function, this is the family security must be guaranteed, so this is very important, the next good material is not easy to crack, not easy to change color and so on, This is its characteristics, Chandelier consumers in how to choose hanging lighting must pay attention to.

2, according to the size of the house, choose the appropriate chandelier than the column, according to the height of the house, choose the appropriate chandelier. Make sure the floor is 2.2 meters high at the bottom of the chandelier.

3, according to the decoration style of the house, choose the appropriate style of chandeliers. If the decoration style of the house is European, choose the corresponding style of chandeliers.

4. The original part of the pendant lamp electrical inspection. Chandelier Many chandeliers are used in iron materials, product conductivity is strong, so in the purchase of chandeliers consumers should pay special attention to the safety of the pendant lamp parts.

5, the best purchase of chandeliers can be installed energy-saving lamp light source or the chandelier, as far as possible do not choose to have the plating layer of chandeliers, Chandelier electroplating layer decorated chandeliers in the day-to-day use of easy oxidation drop, affecting the appearance of products.

6, pendant lamp maintenance clean generally more beautiful chandeliers usually have more complex modelling and lampshade, if wet and dusty, lamps often rust, paint, lampshade is darkened by dust. The best do not use water to clean the lamp, do not use a damp cloth immediately after the light to wipe, Chandelier because the bulb high temperature easily burst.

Chandelier style There are many kinds of ways to choose the chandelier, no matter how to choose, the final purpose is to lighting and beauty of the best combination of the above small series of simple summary do not know if there is no help for your choice!