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There Are Many Styles Of Chandeliers

Aug 16, 2017

In the home decoration, chandeliers play an important decorative role. And the living room is in addition to the bedroom outside the longest place to stay, so the choice of living room chandeliers is very important, the style is also a lot, such as: crystal chandeliers, Chinese chandeliers, European chandeliers, scalp chandeliers, etc., like romance, like Warm, always want is bright and comfortable. Chandelier Everyone can according to their own preferences, character, decoration style to choose their favorite chandelier type.

1, in the selection of chandeliers, on the one hand to consider the height of the room and indoor environment, chandelier thickness should be less than one-third of the maximum diameter chandelier, Chandelier chandelier cover from the top of the net height and chandelier thickness ratio of 1 more appropriate The On the other hand to pay attention to see the quality of the lamp itself. First, look at the top of the pendant, it should carry the weight of the entire lamp, the quality of the pendant is very important. In general, good quality lamps above the metal pendant mostly thicker. Second, look at the chisel above the glass or imitation of the quality of crystal, from the color, brightness, Chandelier select the material is good. Three is to look at the chandelier products related accessories, such as plastic parts, although this is the details, but how to choose chandelier is very important point, good plastic parts with good insulation, anti-burning function, which are home safe Must be guaranteed, Chandelier so this is very important, followed by good material is not easy to crack, not easy to change color, etc., this is its characteristics, consumers in the choice of how to pay attention to the lighting.

2, according to the size of the house, choose the appropriate chandelier than the column; according to the height of the house, choose the appropriate chandelier. To ensure that the ground to the lowest point of the chandelier is 2.2 meters high.

3, according to the house decoration style, choose the style of chandeliers. If the decoration style of the house is European, choose the corresponding style chandelier.

4, chandelier original part of the inspection. Many chandeliers are made of iron material, product conductivity is strong, so when the purchase of chandeliers consumers should pay special attention to some of the safety features of chandeliers.

5, the purchase of chandeliers when the best purchase can be installed energy-saving light source or comes with chandeliers, Chandelier there is as far as possible not to choose a plating chandelier, electroplated decorative chandeliers in the daily use of easy to fall, affecting the product beautiful.

6, chandelier maintenance of the general more beautiful chandeliers are usually more complex shape and lampshade, if the dust and dust, lamps are often easy to rust, Diaoqi, shade due to dust and become increasingly dark. Do not clean the lamp with water, should not immediately after turning on the lights with a wet cloth to wipe, because the high temperature water burst easily.

There are many styles of chandeliers, there are many ways to choose chandeliers, Chandelier no matter how the election, the final purpose is to lighting and the best combination of beauty.