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The Glass Chandelier Can Create A Great Atmosphere

Jul 01, 2017

When we decorate the house, we often choose glass chandeliers as a beautiful and practical two things. Today, blossoming for everyone to benefit Oh ~ ~ ~ glass chandelier installation Raiders push to everyone ~ ~ ~

In the home decoration, the glass jewelry is one of the most popular goods, Glass Chandelier but the glass can not, after all, and other chandelier material compared to this time, the glass chandelier installation Raiders is particularly important, and we must be installed before , First understand some of the installation of glass chandeliers to pay special attention to the matter, to avoid unnecessary accidents ~ ~ ~ So, to learn about the installation of glass chandelier Raiders it ~ ~ `` `

Glass because of its rich colors, decorative effect is good, and more and more used in chandelier decoration. With glass to do chandeliers, although nice and practical, Glass Chandelier but in the decision to use glass to do chandeliers before the need to choose the decoration of the glass.

1, the advantages of glass chandeliers

Glass has the effect of enlarging the space, if the height is not very high, you can use glass mirror to do chandeliers, reduce the sense of space pressure. At the same time because the glass reflects the light ability is better, with the light, Glass Chandelier can create a great atmosphere.

2, the choice of glass material

More types of glass, which stained glass, sandblasted glass because of the decorative effect is particularly good, is a good material to do chandeliers. In addition, for the safety of use, safety glass should be used in the chisel glass and other parts that are easily impacted. At present, China provides tempered glass and laminated glass for safety glass.

3, the glass thickness is required

Glass chandelier in the use of glass material there is a very important point is the thickness of the limit, because the glass from the major, for safety reasons, chandelier glass thickness is generally controlled at 5-8 mm.

Glass chandeliers are used for aisle chandeliers, Glass Chandelier but they can not use glass on chandeliers, even if they are made of metal, wood or gypsum.

Toilet chandelier can be used paint glass, do not fade, and play the role of the mirror, enhanced decorative effect.

When using a glass chandelier in the living room, the width of the glass is as small as possible because the glass has poor bending resistance and is broken.

The installation of the chandelier should be cautious

Glass itself is relatively fragile, installed on the chandelier, if it fell, it is easy to hurt. Therefore, the focus of the installation of glass chandeliers is to ensure that the glass will not fall. Here's a look, Glass Chandelier what can be done so that the glass does not fall off.

1, glass chandelier fixed method

Method 1: Adhesive method

The top with keel base, and then the keel on the seal layer, commonly used Jiufei blockboard, leveling and then sticky glass.

Method 2: modeling pressure method

With the blockboard to do after the shape of the glass put up, you can also use the wooden lines to do the pressure of the glass fixed, you can also use stainless steel plate shape fixed.

Method three: with nail fixation

The nail is fixed and the glass chandelier is mounted on the base plate with the advertising nail.

2, glass chandelier installation precautions

Install the floor before installation

Glass chandeliers have a common point is to have to play the floor, generally 9% blockboard with plywood.

All exposed exposed welding, glass plate must be installed before the anti-rust paint. Wood frame and the structure of the contact surface should be anti-corrosion treatment, keel without glue, brush paint to be protective 2 to 3 degrees.

Glass chandelier protection and cleaning

Whether in the glass chandelier installation process, Glass Chandelier or after installation, should pay attention to the protection of glass. In addition, after installation for the first time in addition to clean, in the future have to clean regularly. To ensure the safety and beauty of glass chandeliers.

1, the installation of the glass plate gently

Installation of glass should pay attention to carefully, do not touch the glass and glass paint the paint, handling should wear gloves, to prevent scratching. Large glass can be wiped with a glass sucker.

2, regular cleaning glass chandeliers

According to the chandelier fouling degree, to determine the number of cleaning and cycle, cleaning at least once a year.

3, timely repair replacement

If the sealant is found to fall off or damaged, it should be promptly repaired or replaced. To regularly check the load-bearing steel within the chandelier, Glass Chandelier if rust should be rust paint. When you find the glass is loose, it is necessary to find the reasons and repair or replacement.

4, found that cracks should be promptly strengthened

5, special circumstances pay attention to check

When the earthquake, fire and other natural disasters, the disaster after the glass chandelier to conduct a comprehensive inspection. In addition, timely glass chandelier in normal use, every 5 years have to conduct a comprehensive inspection.