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The Floor Lamp Satisfies The Room Local Illumination The Need

Oct 24, 2017

Now fluorescent lamps and incandescent lighting features are simple features can no longer meet the needs of people, so the market has introduced a new type of local lighting, it is the floor lamp. The floor lamp style is many, when it with the lampshade, Floor Lamps the lamp frame collocation can play the effect which the home decorates. and floor lamp light is very soft, is suitable for local lighting good tools, it is generally applicable to the location of the living room and study and other places.

The floor lamp is used as a local lighting tool, the focus is on mobile convenience, but also for the creation of a corner of the atmosphere is very practical. Floor lamp downward projection, Floor Lamps suitable for reading and other concentrated activities, if indirect lighting can adjust the overall lighting changes. Floor lamp lampshade to be concise and generous, decorative very strong. At present, the barrel dome is more popular, like some lantern-shaped, lights-shaped also a lot. Some people also like to make their own hands, Floor Lamps like the use of film white film and painting made of the big lampshade, it looks very interesting. Floor lamp is generally arranged in the living room and rest area, and sofa, tea table collocation applicable. To meet the room's local lighting and decoration to beautify the needs of the family environment.

Functional diversity of the floor lamp has a prominent role, convenient and sofa, desk, tea table and other furniture combinations, highlighting the fashion and elegant style. At the same time, Floor Lamps the price of the floor lamp is generally not high, economic conditions ordinary families can also be very easy to buy. Floor lamp as a home decoration is a good choice. In addition, the floor lamp local lighting function is very good, I hope you can in the life of a good application.

Characteristics of floor lamp

Floor lamp commonly used for local lighting, not to speak of comprehensiveness, while emphasizing the convenience of mobile, Floor Lamps for the creation of a corner atmosphere is very practical. If the lighting method of floor lamp is directly downward projection, it is suitable for reading and so on, it can adjust the whole light change if indirect illumination. Floor lamp shade should be above 1.8 meters above ground. Floor lamp cover, require simple and generous, decorative strong. Drum-type dome is more popular, lights shape, Floor Lamps lantern shape is also more used. Some people like to create their own covers, like the use of film white film and painting made of large lampshade, very interesting. The bracket of the floor lamp is made of metal, rotary wood or material using natural form. Floor Lamps The manufacture or choice of bracket and base, must be matched with lampshade, can not have "small person wears big cap" or "fine tall Dai hat" the imbalance sense.

installation method of Floor lamp

In addition to hanging a wide range of bulky chandeliers and wall lamps, such as lamp floor lamp can be installed on their own. Although the installation method of each luminaire varies slightly depending on the product design, it is often the same. We only need to pay attention to the following points when installing the floor lamp: 1, before installing carefully read the installation drawings, and prepare common tools, Floor Lamps such as flat mouth Phillips screwdriver, hammer and so on. It is best not to mix the parts after unpacking, if similar parts are more, drawings will draw a comparison diagram of the size of the object, the use of parts, it is very easy to distinguish a variety of parts. 2, when the inspection of the plate is damaged, can contact the merchant complement. To install screws, eccentric parts, Floor Lamps wood shaft place, will be good guide hole, the positioning of the parts do not worry. Should be aware of, do not occur on the wrong parts and then repeatedly screwed up the situation, otherwise easily damaged plate, installation is often unstable, tilt and so on. 3, usually the floor lamp should have a cast iron chassis, than the surface of the base size slightly smaller, by the next highest parts order should be: chassis fastening nut, cast iron chassis, base, lamp rod, lamp, lamp, plastic fasteners, bulbs.