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The Crystal Chandelier Is A Symbol Of Modern Style

Sep 07, 2017

Crystal chandeliers using modern fashion design concept, retained the original Chinese style, making it a new Chinese style. This is a combination of traditional and modern, is to inherit the tradition, but also to the development of the traditional, can be understood as a home culture through time and space. Crystal Chandelier This style of crystal lamp shows the pure rationality of the modern mentality of the rebellious, is the symbol of post-modern style, favored by young consumers.

Crystal chandeliers combined with the European classical and modern minimalist water style, is a new type of European modern light. Its design style also retains the original classical, Crystal Chandelier but also without losing fashion elements, modern simplicity and crisp characteristics.

In the home decoration has a high popularity of chandeliers, is from a long history of navigation in Spain, has a noble and beautiful appearance of the crystal chandelier is highly praised by consumers. The following is a small series for everyone to introduce the crystal chandelier!

1 Crystal Chandelier Introduction

Crystal chandeliers are made of artificial crystal chandeliers, with gorgeous, noble characteristics. General modelling Unique, has the very high esthetic value. Crystal is a symbol of purity and nobility, crystal lighting also represents the light and hope.

2 Crystal chandelier Selection Tips

First: Safety first, you buy crystal lamp to see if you can withstand this weight.

Second: The overall collocation, lighting color, shape, style, Crystal Chandelier must be decorated with interior furniture and the style of matching, echoing. Instead of icing on the cake, gaudy lighting is superfluous. In the selection of color lamps, in addition to the tone of the interior with the color, of course, Crystal Chandelier can also be based on personal preferences. The size, type and number of lamps should be in harmony with the room size, total area, indoor height and so on.

3 crystal chandelier Maintenance and cleaning

First, the construction of the workbench: if there is no hydraulic automatic lift ladder, then to build a simple, safe can be degraded work platform, Crystal Chandelier platform height to the person to stand up, the unique shape of the crystal chandelier, the master can touch the highest point of the lamp.

Second, the crystal beads of wiping: When wiping beads, must have a soft cloth stained with detergent fine diluted water, gently in the back of the crystal beads at the same time wipe (wipe when the bead can not pinch to pull down, so as not to break bead string).

Third, keep the light body balance: If you want to remove all the beads of cleaning, large-scale lamps should pay attention to the balance of the light when the bead is broken, Crystal Chandelier do not dismantle one side and then the other side of the light body tilt, resulting in light body or outer frame deformation;

Four, wipe bracket accessories: In the wiping bracket, accessories, soft cloth do not dip in water, especially can not be stained with alcohol water, so as to avoid wiping off the protective film outside the plating layer, affect the surface of the lamp frame effect.

Five, pay attention to safety operation: Wipe the lamp rack, to cut off the power supply, Crystal Chandelier the light bulb should be removed and then fitted up, the bulb into the appropriate, too loose will have bad contact; too tight may screw the bulb.

Six, timely replacement of accessories: found beads of connection buckle rust discoloration, a beautiful, easy to crack, the best way to exchange;