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The Chandelier's Hook Is Important

Aug 28, 2017

The chandelier is an advanced decorative lighting lamp that is hoisted in the interior ceiling. Chandeliers, whether by wire or by iron, can not be hung too low, blocking the normal sight of people or dazzling. Take the chandelier in the dining room as an example, Chandelier the ideal height is to form a pool of lights on the table, but it will not hinder the view of the crowd on the table. At present, the pendant lamp hanger is fitted with a spring or a height adjuster, which is suitable for different heights of floor and need.

The role of chandeliers is to decorate the interior, the style of chandeliers directly affect the style of the house.

The general chandelier is divided into single head pendant lamp and long pendant lamp two kinds;

① single head chandeliers are used in restaurants or kitchens, Chandelier and the installation height of single head chandeliers in common restaurants will be based on the size of the restaurant, table height, room level factors to determine the dining room single head chandelier hanging height, Chandelier and the restaurant single head Chandelier in the selection also need to pay attention to details, because the brightness of the dining room single head chandelier directly affect the vision and mood of the diners;

② long chandelier is more used in the living room, the living room of the selection of the ceiling lamp will be based on the living room area and the height of the living room to decide, Chandelier if the small huxing living room is recommended to choose the ceiling lamp, the contrary is the large-style living room can choose a prudent and generous chandelier as

Pendant lamp Purchase Note:

1, the installation height of the chandelier, the lowest point should be not less than 2.2 meters from the ground;

2, Chandelier hook is very important, must be able to withstand the chandelier 6 to 8 times times the weight, otherwise there will be a chandelier fall to hurt the danger of people;

3, hanging height, lampshade, light bulb material and form all need to be carefully selected, lest cause uncomfortable glare;

4, consumers have the best choice to install energy-saving lamp light source of the chandelier, Chandelier do not choose to have the plating layer of chandeliers;

Summary: The role of chandeliers is to decorate the interior, beautify the home, the characteristics of the chandelier is compelling, in general, Chandelier the style of chandeliers will directly affect the entire living room style, so in the purchase of chandeliers in accordance with the size of the house to choose more suitable for their own chandeliers.