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The Chandelier Makes The Atmosphere Of The Meal Very Good

Sep 18, 2017

A room can not without chandeliers, it not only illuminates the room, but also highlights the whole room's taste, each pendant lamp choice, all must cooperate with the entire decoration style, the final room effect can be good.

The restaurant is the most need for chandeliers, the creative chandeliers can make the atmosphere of the meal is very good, will promote the exchange of two of people, it is likely that the outcome of the final conversation, will be affected by this small chandelier, choose the chandelier, Chandelier must be considered beforehand, can not be sloppy.

Many tasteful companies are committed to creating a relaxed environment, this can promote a person's creative rate, let a person into the company, unconsciously began to think about what to do today, and a good chandelier, will be to create the work environment of the eye-dotting pen; it is clear that a good chandelier is very important.

Simple style is now people like very much, so the simple pendant lamp is also a lot of people choose! The chandelier gives us illumination and has the effect of decorating. Chandelier Although it is a simple chandelier, but also a lot of the type of Oh, then the following little series together to see the simple pendant lamp type introduction bar! Want to understand this can take a look at Ah! Hope can help everyone Oh!

Pendant lamp: Chandelier is hanging in the interior ceiling decorative lighting, chandeliers are still a lot of style, chandeliers whether to wire or to hang hanging by iron, in the installation of the time is not hanging too low, Chandelier this will hinder the normal sight of people or a dazzling.

By the dining room chandelier, for example, in the dining room ceiling design height, can form a pool of lights on the table, but will not hinder the table on the view of the crowd. Now a lot of pendant lamp hanger has been fitted with spring or height adjuster, can be suitable for different heights of floor and need.

Chandeliers are still a lot of style, then in different places to use the chandelier also different, the more commonly used chandeliers are: European candlestick chandeliers, Chinese chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, parchment chandeliers, fashion chandeliers, cone-shaped lantern, pointed flat lantern, waist cover lantern, five-fork ball pendant lamp, magnolia lantern, such as olive chandeliers.

Crystal chandeliers are more suitable for use in the living room and restaurant, some space is relatively large place, in the bedroom we commonly used pendant lamp chandeliers and long chandeliers two, in the use of a single chandelier is used in the bedroom, dining room, and the double chandelier this is used in the living Room restaurant room. When installing the chandelier, pay attention to the height, at the lowest point of the chandelier is not less than 2.2 meters above the ground.

Chandelier Installation Considerations

In the installation, it is necessary to determine the form of chandeliers according to the height of the layer, the pendant lamp to the layer is still very demanding, Chandelier if the layer height is low, it is not suitable for large chandeliers. If it is a high level of the house, you can freely choose the chandelier style and shape, can be curved, round, square, shaped, and can use a large area ceiling to reduce the height of the layer.