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Rebecca Lighting Outdoor Trip

Jan 10, 2018

Outdoor activities

Hi, long time not see you ,today we will share a new with you.This is a new about our company .Our company Rebecca lighting held an outdoor trip this month.Company employees from top to bottom in the organization of outdoor activities in Zhongshan resort.We have many colorful activities so that everyone had enjoy it.There are so many and colorful activities, including mountain climbing,riding, barbecue,and other more activities that can't use suitable words to write.We join in it serious and happy .First,this trip is so helpful for everybody,then not only relaxing, but also enhance the exchange and cooperation between colleagues,get alone more well with  between people to people.Finally,Look!This smile is on everyone's face.We have take photoes to record a good moment.Smile is beautiful than anything this time.20541A5D2BCF39BA23DB24652A7BD5DF.jpg76{A`W$~67GKQWX5HAE66D7.jpg



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Date on January 10th,2018