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Lamp Installation Note

Jan 19, 2017

1. install actions that should be carried out by electricians, electricians must be certified.

2. prior to installation, you must identify all line boxes, switches, socket installation firm, upright.

3. heavy duty lamps, electric fan mounted directly on the ceiling construction is strictly prohibited on the keel.

4. model, rated voltage, rated and design parameters such as power line.

5. modern styling with antique lamps, innovative, functional class III, in any case combination, these three types of light modelling in General should be pursued as far as possible when selecting series.

6. There is living room of the family in the living room with some funky lamps, trigeminal chandeliers, floral wall lamps, rotating floor lamps and more.

7. color to subject the entire room color design, must pay attention to shade, shell colors coordinate with the color of walls, furniture, curtains.