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Floor Lamp Maintenance Method

Jun 15, 2017

Floor lamp purchase knowledge

1, the detection of light: most of the ceiling is white, we white light, and some owners in the election when the lights will find how some of the ceiling light looks brighter, and some darker, some white Of the purple or blue, which is due to the different light efficiency of the light source, and the color temperature caused by different, and some small manufacturers of light source has been very low light efficiency, but in order to make customers look brighter, put the color temperature is high, so Looks brighter, in fact not really bright, just the illusion of the human eye only, long-term vision in this environment will be getting worse. If you identify, that is, do not have other light, only a light, and then standing under the lamp reading, if it looks handwriting clear, bright, it shows that the light is better, light efficiency, if not clear, is poor , A more simple way, that is, Floor Lamps the palm of your hand to the light next to the palm to see the color, if rosy, it shows the color temperature is just good, color is also good, if the heart of the blue or purple, that color temperature is too high.

2, in the purchase of floor-mounted floor lamp, to consider the height of smallpox and other factors, if the ceiling is too low, the light can only focus on the local area, will make people feel too bright light too soft. At the same time, the use of floor-mounted floor lamp, the home ceiling is best for the white or light, the ceiling of the material is best to have a certain reflective effect.

3, if you buy 'modeling type floor lamp', this lamp can be said to be used for lighting, it is more like a home in the environment of a 'light carving'. Of course, buy this type of floor lamp, Floor Lamps to consider it and the overall style of home consistency. Such as a thick blood flower stone classic classic lights, and yuppie style streamlined modern furniture is poles apart.

4, direct-type floor lamp to pay attention to the purchase, the shade under the best than the lower end of the eye, so that it will not be due to the light bulb to make the eyes feel uncomfortable. In addition, the indoor light is too large to increase the eye load, try to choose the dimming floor lamp. When used, because the direct light type of light, it is best to avoid the mirror near the reading position and glass products, Floor Lamps so as not to cause discomfort caused by reflection.

Floor lamp cleaning

1, if the lamp is non-metallic, wet cloth can be used to avoid dust accumulation, affecting the lighting effect.

2, moisture is the key to lighting maintenance, especially the bathroom, bathroom lamps and kitchen stove headlamps, should be installed moisture-proof lamp cover to prevent moisture intrusion, to avoid corrosion damage or leakage short circuit.

3, the home is best not to clean the water, as long as the dry wipes can be wiped with water, if not careful to touch the water to try to dry, avoid the lights immediately after wiping with a wet cloth.

Floor lamp maintenance

1, cleaning and maintenance should be careful not to change the structure of the lamp, Floor Lamps do not casually replace the lamp parts, after the end of cleaning and maintenance, should be installed as is the lamp, do not miss, misplaced lighting parts.

2, the use of lamps as far as possible not to frequent switching, because the lights in the frequent start of the moment, through the filament current is greater than the normal working current, making the filament temperature increased sharply accelerated sublimation, which will greatly reduce its life, Minimize the switch of the lamp.