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Floor Lamp Is Widely Used In Modern Home

Jul 25, 2017

In the home lighting decoration, the floor lamp is the most easy to shine the link. It can serve as a small area of the main lamp, but also through the illumination of different light and indoor light environment to match the changes. The floor lamp generally puts on the sofa corner, the floor lamp light is soft, Floor Lamps the evening watches the television, the effect is very good. Floor lamp lampshade material is rich in variety, consumers can choose according to their preferences.

Floor lamp is widely used in modern home, usually placed in the living room and rest area, with the sofa, tea table with the use to meet local lighting and decorative decoration of the family environment needs. Generally should not be placed beside tall furniture and moving space. Side caused inconvenience. Next, understand the characteristics of the floor lamp.

Floor lamp only as a local lighting, can not take into account the entire space, and mobile convenient, can be effectively for the local area to create a warm effect. If the lighting method of floor lamp is directly downward projection, Floor Lamps it is suitable for reading and so on, it can adjust the whole light change if indirect illumination. Floor lamp lampshade should be below 1-2-1.8 meters above ground.

Floor lamp has a spotlight of the dome, its simple and generous, beautiful appearance, decorative strong. At present, the barrel-type dome is more popular, lights shape, lantern shape is also more used. Floor Lamps You can also make homemade covers, such as the use of film white film and painting made of large lampshade, very interesting.

The bracket of the floor lamp is made of metal, rotary wood or material using natural form. The choice or manufacture of bracket and base, must be matched with lampshade, can not have "small person wears big cap" or "fine tall Dai Hat" the imbalance of the sense.

Corner lamp, also belong to the floor lamp and so on, Floor Lamps is also a larger size of the lamp, but is added to a high and low seat. From the function of the corner lamp and floor lamp the same, from the modelling, it seems more sedate and elegant, it is often bottle-type, cylindrical body, with umbrella or barrel-shaped dome, for sofas or furniture corner, very beautiful.

When you watch TV, you can put a set on the sofa table or place a floor lamp on the ground, emitting a gentle glow to reduce the TV screen light to the eye irritation.

The living room with sofa can decorate a floor lamp behind the sofa. Floor Lamps Not only to ensure their own reading needs, but also will not affect the family watching TV. Floor lamp height is generally 115-135cm, if you can adjust the height or shade angle of the best. The shape and color of the luminaire should be compatible with the furniture of the living room.

If necessary, you can also hit the light on the floor, Floor Lamps used as background lighting, adjust the height of the lamp can change the diameter of the aperture, so as to control the strength of light, create a hazy beauty.

Many people have the habit of reading and writing at night, the bedroom is intimate, so it is convenient to squeeze a small study in the bedroom without disturbing the family. You can design a small desk by the bed, you can also design a two-tier shelves suspended in the air, plus a floor lamp, Floor Lamps a warm and concise small study is located in the bedroom.