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Floor Lamp For The Corner Of The Atmosphere To Create A Very Practical

Oct 13, 2017

Floor lamps are both stylish and beautiful, and easy to match furniture. So the floor lamp has gradually become a addition to the lighting function, but also a decoration of the players. Floor lamp in addition to the home can be used outside, see the floor where the most should be the hotel. We now look at what characteristics of the use of floor lamps.

Floor lamp what purpose characteristics

1, local lighting. Floor lamps are often used as local lighting, do not speak a comprehensive, and stressed the convenience of mobile, for the corner of the atmosphere to create a very practical. Floor lighting, Floor Lamps if the direct way down projection, suitable for reading and other activities need to focus on the spirit, if indirect lighting, you can adjust the overall light changes. Floor lamp under the shade should be more than 1.8 meters from the ground.

2, fashion simple. Floor lamp cover, requiring simple and generous, decorative strong. Tube cover is more popular, lantern-shaped, lantern-shaped is also more use. Floor Lamps Some people like to prepare their own hands, like the use of film and film made of large lampshade, very interesting.

3, easy to match. Floor lamps are mostly made of metal, rotary wood or made of natural material. Bracket and base of the production or choice, Floor Lamps must be with the shade with a good, can not have "villain wearing a hat" or "thin tall hat" ratio of the sense of imbalance.

Floor lamp purchase skills

1, the height of the ceiling. When you buy the above-mentioned floor lamp, consider the height of the ceiling, to 1.70 meters, 1.80 meters high floor lamp, for example, the ceiling height of 2.40 meters above the best, if the ceiling is too low, the light can only focus on the local area , Will make people feel the light is too bright enough soft.

2, the level of shade. It is important to note that the lower edge of the shade is preferably lower than the eye so that the eye does not feel unpleasant due to the exposure of the bulb. In addition, Floor Lamps the indoor light contrast is too large to increase the eye load, try to choose the dimming of the floor lamp.

3, select the shape. Go to some avant-garde lighting store or home shop, see "modeling floor lamp." This type of floor lamp, can be said to be used for lighting, it appears in the home, more like the environment in a "light carving."

Floor lamp simple and stylish, and the place is only partial lighting, people feel more soft. There is a saying, savory no matter how bright, Floor Lamps or have to use green leaves to set out. Stylish furniture, coupled with simple floor lamp, the whole style has improved.

In the home lighting decoration, floor lamp is the most easily out of color links. It can not only play a small area of the main lights, but also through the different illumination and other indoor light source with the light environment changes. Floor lamp is generally placed on the corner of the sofa, floor lamp lighting soft, Floor Lamps watching TV at night, the effect is very good. Floor lamp shade material variety, consumers can choose according to their own preferences.