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Floor Lamp Decorative Strong

Aug 04, 2017

Floor lamps are widely used in modern homes, usually placed in the living room and rest area, with the sofa, coffee table with the use of local lighting to meet the room and decorate the needs of the home environment. Generally should not be placed in the tall furniture next to the activities and space. One side inconvenience. Then understand the characteristics of falling lights.

Floor lamp only as a local lighting, can not take into account the entire space, and easy to move, can be effective for local areas to create a warm effect. Floor lighting, Floor Lamps if the direct way down projection, suitable for reading and other activities need to focus on the spirit, if indirect lighting, you can adjust the overall light changes. Floor lamp under the shade should be 1-2-1.8 meters above the ground.

Floor lamp has a condenser cover, its simple and elegant, beautiful appearance, decorative and strong. At present, the tube cover is more popular, lantern-shaped, Floor Lamps lantern-shaped is also more use. Can also be self-made cover, like the use of film white film and painting made of large lampshade, very interesting.

Floor lamps are mostly made of metal, rotary wood or made of natural materials. Stent and base selection or production, must be with the shade with a good, can not have "villain wearing a hat" or "thin tall hat" ratio of the sense of imbalance.

Corner lights, also belong to the floor lamp and the like, Floor Lamps is also an increase in size of the lamp, but is to increase a high and low seat. From the function point of view the same as the floor lamp, from the modeling point of view, it seems more stable and elegant, it is often bottle, cylindrical seat, Floor Lamps with umbrella or cylindrical cover for sofa or furniture corner, very Beautiful.

When you watch TV, you can put a cup on the sofa table or so on or put a floor lamp on the ground, emitting a gentle light to reduce the TV screen light on the eye irritation.

A living room with a sofa can be decorated with a floor lamp behind the sofa. Both to ensure their own reading needs, will not affect their families watching TV. Floor lamp height is generally 115-135cm, if you can adjust the height or shade angle of the best. Floor Lamps The shape and color of the lamp should be in harmony with the furnishings of the living room.

If necessary, you can also play the light of the floor light up, used as background lighting, adjust the height of the lamp can change the diameter of the aperture, thus controlling the strength of light, creating a hazy beauty.

Many people have night reading, writing habits, Floor Lamps the bedroom is private, so, in the bedroom to squeeze a small study is convenient and will not disturb the family. You can design a small desk at the bedside, you can also design a double shelf hanging in the air, plus a floor lamp, a warm and simple little study is located in the bedroom.