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Crystal Chandeliers Meet Consumer Demand For Furniture

Nov 03, 2017

Crystal chandeliers suitable for the living room, bedroom, restaurant, corridor, hotel and other lobby. The most common chandeliers, commonly used in European candlestick chandeliers, Chinese chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, parchment chandeliers, fashion chandeliers, cone-shaped lantern, pointed flat lantern, Crystal Chandelier waist cover lantern, five-fork ball pendant lamp, magnolia lantern, such as olive chandeliers. The single head pendant lamp and the double chandelier are used in the bedroom, the former is used in the living room.

Crystal chandeliers have natural crystal cut-and-grind chandeliers, heavy-lead crystal blow-molded chandeliers, low-lead crystal-blown chandeliers crystal glass mid-range chandeliers, crystal glass pendant chandeliers, crystal glass die-casting cut-shaped chandeliers, crystal glass and other types of chandeliers. The European living room chandelier is inspired by the ancient candlestick lighting, when people put a few candles on the hanging iron art. Crystal Chandelier Many chandeliers are now designed in this style, except that the candles are changed to light bulbs, but the bulbs and lampholders are candles and candlesticks.

Crystal Chandelier Cleaning:

1, Crystal beads of wiping: wipe beads, must have a soft cloth stained with detergent diluted water, gently in the back of the crystal beads at the same time wipe (wipe can not pinch bead down to pull, Crystal Chandelier lest pull off bead string).

2, keep the light body balance: If you want to remove all the beads of cleaning, large lamps should pay attention to the balance of the light when the bead is broken, do not dismantle one side and then the other side of the light body tilt, resulting in lamp body or outer frame deformation;

3, wiping bracket accessories: in the wipe bracket, accessories, soft cloth do not dip in water, especially can not be stained with alcohol water, so as to avoid wiping out the protective film outside the plating layer, affect the surface of the lamp frame effect.

4. Pay attention to safety: when wiping the lamp holder, Crystal Chandelier to cut off the power supply, the bulb should be removed and then fitted up; The bulb should be moderately, too loose to make contact with bad; too tight may screw the light bulb, want to make full use of the crystal chandelier, Crystal Chandelier it is best to choose ordinary transparent light bulbs, rather than sanding or color bulbs.

The advantages of crystal chandeliers

1, can satisfy different consumer's different individuality demand to the furniture. In the traditional marketing model, furniture enterprises are often based on simple market research, following the current trend of furniture furniture development and production. But this mode of production of furniture is not in line with the requirements, that is, the style can not meet individual preferences. And the custom marketing will subdivide the market to individual, according to individual request design furniture, Crystal Chandelier the consumer is one of furniture designers. According to personal hobbies to make some specific requirements, such as color matching, personalized specifications and so on.

2. Reduce inventory backlog. In the traditional marketing mode furniture enterprises in order to maximize profits, through large-scale production to reduce the cost of products, once the market suffered a little contingency, this large-scale production of furniture due to the similarity inevitably lead to unsalable or backlog, Crystal Chandelier resulting in waste of resources. and custom marketing is based on the production of consumer orders, there is little inventory, accelerate the capital turnover.

3. Reduce the marketing cost. In the traditional marketing model, furniture enterprises in order to occupy the market, often through advertising, construction stores and other ways to promote sales, and thus higher costs. and the custom marketing as long as the furniture quality is reliable, the price is reasonable, Crystal Chandelier the furniture can sell smoothly. In the custom marketing, manufacturers directly face consumers to reduce the sales links, but also reduce various expenses.

Crystal chandeliers may be something many people dream of. One of its biggest features is beauty and generosity. But its price is relatively expensive, not everyone can afford. Crystal Chandelier The selection of crystal chandeliers should be tailored to local conditions. If the house is relatively small, you must not choose an oversized crystal chandelier. This will have a distracting effect. You must remember.