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Crystal Chandeliers Are Loved By Modern Young People

Jun 02, 2017

Crystal chandelier is to create elegant Oufeng wedding essential props. In addition to the traditional elegance of modeling, many to flowers, green leaves, or DIY design to create a modern creative chandelier, but also ingenuity of the dazzling style. If you create a European-style fairy tale wedding is your goal, Crystal Chandelier do not miss the following beautiful chandelier design!

Crystal chandelier optional points

Crystal chandelier intelligent humanization

This design just like the smart home hook, and now are promoting smart home life, modern lighting for the design of intelligent humanization that is a big trend, only the European chandelier design intelligent humanization can be more young people Welcome, have a better sales, Crystal Chandelier the future of various living utensils will be intelligent and humane, which is a modern life appliances a development direction.

Crystal chandelier fashion

Each modern European chandelier not only from the design of the shape and accessories with all reveal a stylish atmosphere, this design has the modern life of the most fashionable ideas are incorporated into its design philosophy, Crystal Chandelier especially modern Simple style of European crystal chandeliers are the most popular young people love, so the lighting market, Crystal Chandelier most of the lamps sold in modern simple style-based

Crystal chandelier light source high performance

This is also in line with now advocated the concept of green energy conservation, modern style of the European chandelier there is a more important feature is the effectiveness of the light source, especially the use of light as a light source is more energy than the previous lighting, power, In the use of light source to incandescent bulb-based, light brightness is not reached and also very costly. And now all use as a light source, Crystal Chandelier not only to improve the requirements of the light, but also more energy efficient, long life, the efficiency is several times the incandescent lamp.

Crystal chandelier style is so long, it is because it stresses a reasonable, symmetrical ratio.