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Crystal Chandelier Nice

Aug 04, 2017

Crystal chandelier is a chandelier made of artificial crystal, with gorgeous, elegant features. Unique shape, fashion, have a high aesthetic value. Crystal is a symbol of pure and noble, crystal chime lighting also represents the light and hope.

Living room in addition to a large ceiling and ordinary lighting, you can also add some small crystal chandelier as a conditioned atmosphere, even at home, Crystal Chandelier you can also enjoy the taste of the romantic hotel. Not the same shape can also have a different effect, the effect of this effect depends on, we choose the crystal chandelier style how. If you want to have the effect of decorating the house during the day, it is better to use some of the more beautiful, gorgeous colors can make your surrounding more full of vitality. Crystal Chandelier Crystal chandelier lamp light refraction into the home of the sun, sprinkled on the floor, a spot. So that night with fantastic warmth, the night is the day, the day is also the night. These small crystal chandeliers, itself is a beautiful landscape.

Modern Chinese crystal chandelier with modern fashion design concept, retains the original Chinese style, making it a new Chinese style. This is a combination of tradition and modernity, Crystal Chandelier is the traditional inheritance, but also on the traditional development, can be understood as through the time and space of the home culture. This style of crystal chandelier shows the rebellious psychology of modernism, is a post-modern style of the logo, favored by young consumers.

Simple European crystal chandelier combines European classical and modern simple water style, is a new European modern light. Its design style also retains the original classical, Crystal Chandelier but also without losing the elements of fashion, modern simple and bright features.

The advantages of crystal chandeliers

1, to meet the different consumer demand for furniture of different personality. In the traditional marketing model, the furniture business is often based on a simple market survey, follow the trend of furniture for furniture development and production. But this model produced by the furniture is not inch does not meet the requirements, that is, style can not meet personal preferences. Crystal Chandelier The custom marketing will be subdivided into the individual market, according to individual requirements design furniture, consumers are one of the designers of furniture. Can be based on personal preferences to make some specific requirements, such as color matching, personalized specifications and so on.

2, to reduce inventory backlog. In the traditional marketing model furniture enterprises in order to maximize the pursuit of profits, through large-scale production to reduce product costs, once the market suffered a slight surprise, this large-scale production of furniture as a result of the inevitable lead to slow sales or backlog, Crystal Chandelier resulting in waste of resources. Custom marketing is based on consumer orders, almost no inventory, to speed up the cash flow.

3, reduce marketing costs. In the traditional marketing model, the furniture business in order to occupy the market, often through advertising, build stores to promote business, etc. to drive sales, and thus higher costs. Custom marketing as long as the furniture quality and reliable, reasonable price, Crystal Chandelier furniture can be successfully sold out. In the custom marketing manufacturers directly to consumers to reduce the sales link, but also reduce the various expenses.

Crystal chandeliers may be a lot of people dream of things. It is one of the biggest features is beautiful and generous. But its price is relatively more expensive, not everyone can afford it. Selection of crystal chandeliers should be adapted to local conditions. If the house is relatively small, do not choose a large crystal chandelier. This will have a distracting effect. We must remember.