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Crystal Chandelier Cleaning Tips

Jul 01, 2017

Crystal chandelier as a stylish home lighting, in today's home decoration is very popular. According to the crystal chandel different size, shape, color, the most suitable home style for the neutral tone, green and blue-based color. When buying crystal chandeliers, in particular, need to consider the high level. In general, the lowest height of the chandelier and the ground should be kept two meters five.

Crystal chandelier beautiful appearance, can give the whole home space to bring a very gorgeous atmosphere of feeling. Crystal chandeliers look good, but also take a good maintenance cleaning work. Otherwise, hidden in the crystal chandelier after the dirt on the one hand will affect the refractive index of crystal lamps, Crystal Chandelier on the other hand will destroy the appearance of beauty.

In the cleaning work of the crystal lamp, follow the following steps:

1, buy professional cleaning crystal chandelier cleaning agent.

2, wear white cotton gloves, to avoid the fingerprints to stay in the clean crystal lamp.

3, to the crystal lamp spray on the amount of detergent, Crystal Chandelier gently wipe with a clean cloth.

4, for a stubborn dirt crystal lamp can also be removed, soaked in the container is not filled with cleaning. Gently wipe the crystal surface with a toothbrush, to be softened dirt, and then wipe with a rag.

5, after the removal of dirt, be sure to use a clean dry cloth to the surface of the crystal lamp water stains completely dry, otherwise it may lead to security incidents.

Crystal chandelier also plays an important role in the indoor lighting effect, in general, according to the crystal lamp diameter or bulb wattage to measure its lighting area. Crystal Chandelier But the general crystal lamp as the main indoor light source, with some other lights to play the effect. Some customers bought a crystal lamp, only in special occasions, usually only the other lamps in the room, crystal lamp as a decorative refraction effect is also very beautiful.

Of course the most important thing is the lighting effect. The light source must be clear in order to let the crystal chandeliers give full play to its effect, Crystal Chandelier do not use scrub or color light bulbs, just accompanied by ordinary clear bright bulbs, crystal lamps can achieve the magnificent color effect. Customers can also request to install a light and dark adjustment, it is more able to meet the needs of different occasions. Crystal lamp pendant quality is a link can not be ignored. Crystal chandelier is beautiful, flawless, safe and in line with economic benefits, in addition to the lighting itself shape design, the choice of crystal pendant is also very important. Different brands of pendants of the quality and price can be greatly different, Crystal Chandelier a little careless it is easy to be fish.

Top crystal chandeliers and high-end watches, like cars, are reasonable investments in collections. Crystal chandelier "a sub-price of a cargo", the market there are some Zhongshan Zhongshan imitation of the crystal lamp, at first glance shape and genuine difference is not, but a closer look, whether it is material, or the effect of lighting can not be compared with genuine The