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Cleaning Crystal Chandelier Skills

Jul 13, 2017

Crystal chandelier how to install

First: we first prepared a tool, need to drill a drill, expansion screws at least 4 bar, there is a wrench one. Began to install, the first crystal chandelier on the back of the bar down, facing the back of a few holes in the place you need to install the above to find ways to print,

Second: pick up the impact of drilling in your painting printed on the four at least 5 cm deep eyes, the expansion screw into, and then use the wrench to tighten, fixed a good screw. Crystal Chandelier Now you can fix the dorsal, put the back strap on the expansion screw with a nut tightened, and then put the whole crystal chandelier to the top to go with a nut

Third: is to look at the drawings slowly hanging crystal beads. When you put the crystal are linked, and all done.

The above method is easy to understand, so easy to master, Crystal Chandelier then also to the heart to master

Cleaning crystal chandelier skills

 1. Crystal beads of wiping: mustard, must have a soft cloth stained with detergent diluted water, gently in the crystal beads on the back of the same time wipe (wipe can not pinch the beads down, so as not to break the beads string).

2. To keep the lamp body balance: If you want to remove the beads all the clean, large lamps should pay attention to the demolition of the light when the light beam balance, Crystal Chandelier do not dismantle the other side of the other side of the lamp body caused by tilt, resulting in light or outside Box deformation; should be around with the demolition.

3. Wipe the bracket accessories: in the wipe bracket, accessories, soft cloth do not touch the water, especially can not dip alcohol water, so as not to erase the protective film outside the plating layer, affecting the effect of the lighthouse surface glossy.

4. Note safety: wipe the lighthouse, to cut off the power; bulb should also be wiped clean and then loaded up; bulb into the time to moderate, Crystal Chandelier too loose will produce poor contact; too tight may be bad bulbs, Chandeliers give full play to its effect, the best choice for ordinary transparent light bulbs, and not frosted or colored bulbs.

5. timely replacement of accessories: found that the bead of the connection buckle rust color, a beautiful, two easy to crack, the best way to exchange; found missing beads, Crystal Chandelier should be timely fill.


1. Do not rotate the lamp body: clean the lamp, do not rotate the lamp body, so as to avoid loose teeth, Crystal Chandelier resulting in unsafe accidents.

2. Check the connection parts: should also check the solid connection of the lamp body and found that the screw loose to be tightly tightened, there are dangerous teeth with a dancer to replace immediately to ensure safety.