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Chandeliers Have A Sense Of Modernity

Oct 24, 2017

Chandeliers are a wonderful home interior design, if you plan to use chandeliers for your home furnishings, a large number of chandeliers design: elegant, stylish, trendy, unique, stylish, but the purchase of lamps and lanterns not only to pay attention to its aesthetic, in order to ensure the safety of the interior, Chandelier we should also buy quality products, many people just follow the trend to choose the chandelier , which itself does not understand the chandelier. Below specific to everyone to share how to buy chandeliers, indoor chandeliers.

The most common chandeliers, commonly used in European candlestick chandeliers, Chinese chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, parchment chandeliers, fashion chandeliers, cone-shaped lantern, pointed flat lantern, waist-covered lantern, five-ball chandeliers, magnolia lantern, Chandelier olive chandeliers and so on.

The use of chandeliers should pay attention to the upper space must have a certain brightness to reduce the brightness difference between the upper and lower space, otherwise, it will make the room look grim. The size of the chandelier and the number of lamp caps are related to the size of the room. , chandeliers generally from the ceiling 500~1000mm, light source center from the ceiling 750mm appropriate, can also be based on specific needs or high or low. If the layer height is below 2. 6m of the bedroom should not use gorgeous long chandeliers, Chandelier otherwise it will give a heavy, oppressive feeling, as if space has become overcrowded.

How to choose fashion chandeliers:

1, Chandelier lighting factors

The chandelier is used in two kinds of single head chandeliers and long chandeliers in the bedroom. The former is more used in bedrooms and restaurants; The chandelier has a white lampshade, the frosted bulb is mounted in the hood and the light scattering is soft. The other is the cover of the mouth downward, Chandelier lighting directly to the interior, appears lip bright. The other is the hood up, light to the ceiling, and then reflected down to make people feel soft and relaxed. Buy chandeliers should first check the Chandelier logo, such as brand, model, rated voltage, rated power. The rated power is particularly important, if the selected chandelier power exceeds the standard, Chandelier it may lead to the shell, insulation layer deformation and so on.

2. Height factor of chandelier

Hanging height, lampshade, light bulb material and form should be carefully chosen to avoid causing uncomfortable glare. Chandeliers are usually placed in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and have spacious space in place. The height of the chandelier should be suitable, the Hefei decoration company recommends the use of optional rise, drop device lamps, in order to facilitate the adjustment and selection of height. For example, Chandelier the plastic material of the rice white pendant lamp, the shape of natural without carving, arbitrary, shade of the spiral shape can be adjusted arbitrarily. The height of the chandelier should be suitable, generally from the desktop about 55-60 centimeters, and should be optional up and down the device of the lamp, in order to facilitate the adjustment and selection of height.

Modern chandeliers, exquisite, pure flawless, Chandelier weak with a trace of strong, texture permeability, security can be completely reliable, each fashion pendant lamp has its own owner, to illuminate your life, hope to be noticed, be lit, in full bloom its charm, most people may not want to decorate into European classical style, Modern-style chandeliers are often more popular. The market has a modern sense of a large number of chandeliers, Chandelier for the choice of very large, a variety of lines can be selected. Consumers have the best choice to install energy-saving lamp light source of the chandelier, do not choose to have the plating layer of chandeliers, because the plating layer of time is long easy to fade. Select all metal and glass and other materials inside and outside the same pendant lamp.