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Chandelier Styles Varied

Jun 02, 2017

Chandelier suitable for living room, bedroom, restaurant, corridor, hotel and other lobby. Chandelier chandelier, chandelier chandelier, chandelier chandelier, chandelier chandelier, chandelier chandelier, chandelier lantern, chandelier chandelier, chandelier lantern, Olive chandeliers and so on. For the living room of the single chandelier and long chandelier two, the former for the bedroom, the latter should be installed in the living room. Chandelier installation height, the lowest point should be not less than 2.2 meters from the ground.

Chandelier how to choose?

1, select the chandelier first to consider the thoroughfare, different purposes, Chandelier need different lights. House lights, ceiling lamps, ceiling lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, floor lamps, floor lamps, floor lamps, floor lamps, floor lamps Backdrop, ornament lighting with spotlights, barrel lights, track lights. 2, the choice of chandeliers but also according to the use of light source, common light source has incandescent, fluorescent, energy saving lamp (official name: self-rectifying fluorescent), quartz spotlights, light chandelier useful tungsten lamp. Bedroom should be more soft light, incandescent or energy-saving lamps more appropriate; study, children's room, the kitchen needs brightness, fluorescent lamps should be preferred, living room, balcony with what can. Quartz spotlights are point light sources, mainly for local lighting, but can also be combined to do scattered light source, but I think the quartz spotlight light more glare, the overall lighting with it is not ideal. 3, Chandelier the choice of chandelier also consider the size of the chandelier and the room area and height to adapt to the problem, I personally think that 20 square meters below the bedroom, study, the lamp diameter is not greater than 50 cm; 30 square meters of living room, the lamp diameter is not greater than 80 Cm; kitchen, bathroom lights 20 to 30 cm on it. Chandeliers look good, style, but now the room is generally relatively short, the lights are too high to appear to suppress, generally 2.6-2.7 meters high room, Chandelier the height of the lamp not more than 40 cm as well. 4, energy saving is also a chandelier should be considered an important issue. Common lights, the fluorescent light is undoubtedly the highest efficiency, but the general induction rectifier fluorescent light strobe problem, with the electronic transformer fluorescent lamp will be able to solve this problem, but the price is much more expensive. Energy-saving lamps are also more energy-saving, the price is not high, JS said energy-saving lamp brightness is the same with the tile incandescent 6 times, my naked eye is not so evil fog, but two or three times or some. Energy-saving lamps seem to be divided into two kinds, one ordinary, Chandelier cheap but the brightness is not good, a three-color, but the brightness is good; another torch tube energy-saving lamps than U-tube to light. Incandescent and quartz lamps are more costly, but some places still use them to be reasonable, I think you can put the lights at home is commonly used, and occasionally used, commonly used with the power of the lights, and occasionally open the fee does not matter The 5, the color of the chandelier can choose their own, but I personally do not agree to the home of the lights out of the colorful, I think this is no taste, while the color of light on the human visual nerve is also a torture, especially children The room do not engage in color lights, fluorescent light in the spectrum and the sun closest to the eyes most likely to adapt. 6, some TX that spotlights particularly love bad, I see not necessarily, the key is to buy a reliable brand, especially the transformer must be better, if the transformer is not good, Chandelier no matter how good the cup will be bad. Spotlight transformer power to meet the power of the lamp, the best slightly larger, and if a group of spotlights, there is no need for a spotlight with a transformer, you can put a few light in series, the total power less than the transformer The power on it. Some TX stressed that the spotlights must use with a transformer, not comprehensive. Spotlights are high and low pressure of the points, high pressure spotlights are not common, the light bulb is a lamp beads, special bright, do not have a transformer, is more expensive, good brand is not love bad. 7, if that is expensive, love bad, dazzling, you can use the bucket instead, with a bucket to pay attention to, with U-tube energy-saving lamps, there may be exposed to the outside, but ugly, with a small torch test test. But I think, barrel lamp inside the general frosted light bulb to see the best. If you think that the installation of lights to ceiling trouble, Chandelier waste, you can use the track lights directly on the top or wall instead, but the track lights often exposed to the outside, not very good, you can choose the transformer can move the variety, Transformers are hidden. 8, I think the switch, the socket is one of the favorite things at home (the other two are hinges and faucets). Switches, sockets should buy a little, the key to the switch, the quality of the socket is the quality of the module inside, the good switch, the socket module is made of phosphor bronze, the elasticity is good, the switch contacts are silver plated, Still very thin, with a long time will be loose, resulting in poor contact. Pick the switch, sockets, of course there are professional methods, but I have a simplest way to weigh the weight of the module, the weight of the general weight is better. I found that some people only KFS provide switches are changed, the socket did not move, it seems the main concern is good or bad, I think it is wrong, the socket is actually more important, bad socket contacts, may burn electrical appliances. I suggest that if the KFS provides the switch, Chandelier the socket quality is not good, to change for all. 9, the switch has a matching problem with the chandelier, dimmer switch only on the incandescent role, the other chandeliers are useless, but also may burn chandeliers, as well as dimming the switch is parallel to the circuit on a adjustable resistor, Chandelier total power is constant, that is, only dimming, no power saving. EDL lights with the switch and often with a transformer, rectifier chandelier induction, and sometimes energy-saving lamps are also induction, resulting in strobe, the reason I am not clear, we pay attention to.