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Chandelier Installation Skills

Jul 01, 2017

The role of chandelier is decorated interior, chandelier style directly affect the style of the house.

General chandelier is divided into two kinds of single chandelier and long chandelier;

① single-headed chandeliers are mostly used in restaurants or kitchens, commonly used restaurant single-head chandelier installation height will be based on the size of the restaurant, table height, room level and other factors to determine the restaurant single-head chandelier hanging height, Chandelier and restaurant single chandelier in the choice But also pay attention to the details, because the restaurant single-headed chandelier brightness directly affect the diner's vision and emotions;

② long chandelier is used for the living room, living room long chandelier selection will be based on the living room area and living room height to decide, Chandelier if it is small apartment living room recommended to choose the ceiling, the opposite is large living room can choose a generous chandelier as the main body light.

Chandelier purchase Note:

1, chandelier installation height, Chandelier the lowest point should be not less than 2.2 meters from the ground;

2, chandelier hook is very important, must be able to withstand chandeliers 6 to 8 times the weight, otherwise there will be chandeliers fall to hurt the risk of people;

3, the height of the suspension, shade, light bulb material and form should be carefully chosen to avoid causing uncomfortable glare;

4, the best choice for consumers to install energy-saving light source chandeliers, do not choose a plating chandelier;

Summary: chandelier role is to decorate the interior, beautify the home, chandelier is the characteristics of compelling, in general, chandelier style will directly affect the style of the living room, Chandelier so when buying chandeliers in accordance with the size of the house to choose more Suitable for their own chandeliers.

Definition of chandeliers: All hanging down lamps are classified as chandeliers. Chandelier whether it is to wire or iron hanging, can not be hanging too short, hinder the normal line of sight or feel dazzling. The chandelier suspension is now fitted with a spring or height adjuster and is suitable for different height floors and needs.

Chandelier installation

1, install the drill bit

Select the appropriate drill → install the drill, the hole on the ceiling to play 6mm, Chandelier the installation is to choose the appropriate drill specifications

2, looking for suction plate on the top plate of the hole

The board hanging from the ceiling plate → → → → on the top of the screw, if you find the position has not been aligned, pay attention to adjust the position of the screw

3, drilling

Mark on the wall → drilling, drilling time must pay attention to the depth of the hole

4, the expansion of the screw

The expansion of the screw race to the hole → knocked into the hammer

5, fixed hanging plate

The expansion of the screw completely embedded in the wall → fixed hanging plate, Chandelier be sure to install a solid, not to make wooden screws shift

6, fixed ceiling and lamp body

The hanging plate and the ceiling plate with a screw up → tighten the screw → fixed a good top plate

7, the installation of shade

Caution: When installing the electrical lighting device in the masonry structure, use embedded hooks, bolts, screws, expansion bolts, nylon plugs or plastic plugs. Do not use wood wedges. If no special requirements, wall openings are 6MM. For your safety and fixtures for your family and your family, Chandelier be sure to observe the above two points.