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Chandelier Installation Method

Jun 15, 2017

When the chandelier is mounted on the top surface of the concrete, the embedded parts, the bolts and the bolts can be fastened. Installation of the visual lighting theme and weight to determine the size of the expansion bolts used, but the minimum should not be less than M6 (mm), long chandelier should not be less than M8 (mm), the minimum number of bolts 2. Next, we will briefly explain how to install chandeliers.

Tools, raw materials preparation

◆ support components: wood (different specifications of the water, wood, water board), aluminum (sheet, profile), steel (steel, flat steel, steel).

◆ decorative components: plastic, plexiglass plate, glass for the septum, Chandelier exterior decoration veneer and heat sink, copper.

◆ other accessories: screws, nails, rivets, finished lamps, adhesives, and so on.

◆ construction tools: pliers, screwdriver, hammer, electric curve saw, hammer, hand, ruler and so on.

Operation method

◆ First, in the structural layer of embedded iron or wood bricks, buried position should be accurate, Chandelier and there should be enough room for adjustment.

◆ Then, in the iron and wood tiles on the transition joints, in order to adjust the rationale for the error.

◆ Secondly, the boom, sling and the transition connection to connect.

◆ Finally, connect the boom, slings and joists.

Chandelier installation to determine the stability of the hook, Chandelier it is necessary in advance in the prefabricated board or cast-in-place board welding an iron hook, hook to be able to carry more than 6 times the weight of chandeliers.

If the laying of the hooks in the construction process is too small or not strong, may lead to chandelier off the event, the other in order to prevent the iron hook was eroded, but also to do a good moisture preparation.

Installation of the chandelier If there is no embedded hook, Chandelier you can use the expansion screw or the method of planting gold to install the chandelier. Before installing, please consult the design unit to ensure the installation of chandelier.

Conclusion: In order to ensure the safety of the use of chandeliers, when installed in the masonry structure, such as chandeliers and other lighting devices, should first use embedded hooks, bolts, screws, expansion bolts, nylon plug or plastic plug to be fixed, Wooden wedges, consumers in the chandelier installation operation must be observed.