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The advantages of acrylic lamps

Jan 20, 2017

1. color
Strong colour durability, acrylic high gloss appearance, bright, color persistent 5--8 year, in other words, 5--8 will not change color, faded within a year.

2. light intensity
Zhongshan guzhen acrylic sheet for the outdoor advertising industry has excellent light transmittance, with built-in light source uniform brightness at night, soft, Zhongshan guzhen acrylic Word is compared as a whole with neon lights glowing, not lines glow like neon lights and neon light.

3. built-in light source
No external wiring, damage to, first of all, no external wiring, solves a neon-wiring the appearance of unsightly problems outside, and solve the lines, lights, exposed to the air easy to short-circuit, fire and so on.

4. physical
Physical properties of stable, strong resistance to high and low temperature variants, which is Zhongshan guzhen acrylic should be one of the most important features for the outdoor industry.